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About Me


WHO Lars Nijveld
WHAT Web / native developer
WHERE Gelderland, Netherlands
WHEN 2002 - Present
WHY Fun and enriching knowledge

ME! :)



At the end of the elementary school I became aware of websites and they caught my interest as one of my teachers back then made the schools website I went to him for feedback.
Before I knew, one year later I started editing a so called 'Criminals' game to figure out what would happen if I'd change a piece of code and with time, I could edit existing and create new pages.

When I finished high school, I started intermediate vocational education followed at Graafschap College. As I found high school pretty easy, not much changed at this school. I passed every class without putting too much effort in it.
At the end of this study I had to do an internship which I followed at DiMS! organizing print in my local town. Being it my first IT Company I worked at, it was a pretty awesome experience.
And so was the company thinking about me, as I got a job offer when I had my end presentation for the company and school supervisors.

Then the challenge started, I was finally at the position I worked for, studying at the HAN University. The first year I started I chose to follow a more accelerated study which meant that I had to get my 'P' (propaedeutic) within a half year instead of the normal year, which still wasn't that hard
Which pretty much gets me to the point where I am at the moment, I have so far completed the semesters DDOA (Develop a Distributed OO Application) and CRIA (Create a Rich Internet Application). Completed my internship with Topicus with a good grade and got a parttime job there now.

Thanks for reading! :)


  • Topicus - .NET Software Engineer

    2014 - Present

  • Topicus - Software Engineer (internship)

    2013 - 2014

  • HAN University of Applied Sciences - I(nformatics) - Software Engineer

    2012 - Present

  • DiMS! organizing print - Software Engineer

    2012 - 2013

  • DiMS! organizing print - Software Engineer (internship)

    2012 - 2012

  • Graafschap College - Application Developer

    2010 - 2012

  • Graafschap College - Employee ICT Management

    2008 - 2010


Over the years I gained knowledge of many languages. Some because they caught my interest and others because they were required for my study.
Below you can see a rough estimate of which I think I posses the ability to make use of each skill.

Web & Software Design