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Security Update

Today at 14:00 GMT + 1, I upgraded security of IgniteCoding using the CloudFlare service. This means IgniteCoding is currently protected against a widerange of security breaches and now also protected against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

DDoS attacks are commonly used by Botnets, which are also referred to as zombies, which is controlled by one or a group of people to perform a coordinated attack on a webserver.

By requesting data packets but not answering... Learn more

Auction Saints BETA released

After many hours of developing and testing I'm happy to announce that the website Auction Saints currently has reached its BETA phase.

It took me about 250 man hours to complete the website and get its to its BETA testing phase. Currently the website is being run by a total of 10 employees and being tested by the staff members of Auction Saints.

To read the entire news story, please refer to the following article on the website: Learn more

EVE Auction Saints

Hey everyone,

We have started yet another project!

As I have been talking with a friend of mine, he came up with an idea where we could make a monthly amount of money that might pay for our ‘Game Time Card’, called ‘plex’ in EVE online. The idea is basically an auction with ships where people can buy a ticket, and every ticket costs a small amount of money (ISK). When all tickets have been bought, a random ticket number will be chosen as the final winner.

As you all... Learn more

EVE Corp Manager

Hey everyone,

I have been talking with a friend with who I am playing the game called EVE which is an Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Space Game where we have our own corporation.

As we have the need to identify possible spies, or to identify which job would fit the learned skills of the character, we were discussing possible solutions. Out of this discussion there came a new project which I decided to call ‘EVE Corp Manager’ with the following... Learn more

Portfolio website released

Hey everyone,

It has been a while since any major update or even a news item, as I was busy with school and everything I decided to quit Unrealxs without the obligation to put effort into creating apps and the deadlines along with them.

Because of this reason I decided to transform Unrealxs into my own portfolio website to show people all the creations I have made, not just the released Windows Phone apps.

As I didn’t want to take Unrealxs offline to inform of a new... Learn more