• Battlefield 3 Pocketbook
    Battlefield 3 Pocketbook
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    Battlefield 3 Stats
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    Perry The Platypus
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    The Cleveland Show
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    EVE Probing Tracker
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Global Design

Whether designing the Graphical User Interface (also referred to as GUI) for a website, mobile web app, mobile native app or software. I am always keeping in mind that the GUI should be something that looks amazing but at the same time easy to use for both experienced and new users.

Web Applications

Web Applications are on a major rise since the launch of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery in the internet business. When creating such a web app, in some cases referred to as a Rich Internet Application, I keep in mind that the user should have the best experience browsing the website. This means smooth page switching using AJAX to prevent the 'white loading page' flashing effect.

App Development

When creating Smartphone Apps I am always trying to stick to the default GUI elements. For example, Windows Phone has been innovative with these tiles, they also use solid colors instead of gradients everywhere in their OS. When creating apps for Windows Phone, this would mean I would prevent using any gradients in the GUI designs. On the development side I manage my own coding standards to ensure readability and easy bug fixing.

Software Engineering

Although I used to create software with C# in Windows Forms applications, since a few years my preference has become Windows Foundation Presentation (WPF) applications. I have made this decision due to the amount of control which you have over the GUI.

Code Snippets

In time, I will start releasing code snippets / plugins which I have created in my free time, or which I found a nice-to-have during homework which I decided to make. This can vary from code snippets with which I have had troubles and solved, or code snippets of a Gallery Viewer or a Notification Plugin.